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Forklifts and Material Handlling

Smith Storage Systems is the exclusive dealer of Tailift-USA Material Handling in the Northern Nevada area. We choose Tailift because of their reputation of dependability at a great value.

We provide service and scheduled mainentce for all Tailift products.

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Used Forklifts Sales and Service

We provide used forklift sales and service. Contact us today to hear what we have available.



SSS is the exclusive dealer for Roach Conveyors in Nothern Nevada. Roach’s mission is to bring world class products to their customers. We know that material handling products need to serve well for extended periods of time and under a variety of different conditions. Roach Conveyors will keep your operations running smoothly.

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Storage Racks

Pallet Racks

Drive-in Drive-thru Pallet Racks

Wide Span Shelving

Mezzanine Floor Racking Systems

Cantilever Racks


Gravity Flow Racks


Push Back Racking Systems

Pallet Flow Racks

Carton Flow Racks

Whatever material storage needs you may have, large or small, we have you covered. Please see our services page for more information on how we can help you with meeting your needs.



Industrial Scales – Bulk Material Weighing 


Keep your process moving with equipment that’s built for the tough industrial conditions.  We offer custom solutions for in-motion, dynamic weighing to increase the productivity of almost any process.  Smith Storage Systems is an authorized distributor for Rice Lake Weighing systems



In-motion check-weighing,

Truck Scales

Forklift Scales

Floor/Pallet Scales

Platform Scales

Vehicle Scale Systems

Overhead Weighing


Calibration Weights/Services 

Truck Scale Calibration

It may be necessary to trim the load cell outputs as a first step before starting the calibration process. Trimming is performed at the junction box to equalize the weight reading from all load cells in the truck scale system. This ensures that the scale weighs correctly regardless of where the load is applied to the scale. Load cell trimming and calibration should always be performed by Smith Storage Systems-licensed technicians.

Every vehicle scale should be calibrated and tested frequently to ensure proper performance. Accurate truck scale calibration is vitally important to any operation, especially applications requiring Legal for Trade use.

A truck scale should be calibrated and tested by a state-licensed service agency using no less than 12.5 percent of the scale’s nominal capacity, or 25,000 pounds of certified test weights. The scale’s calibration interval is determined by the frequency of use, individual application requirements, and federal, state and local guidelines. Each section of the scale should be tested and detailed test reports should be provided to the customer and government authorities.

Have Smith Storage Systems check your scale regularly for signs of wear and keep all components free of dirt and debris. No matter what type of scale you have, calibration is an important part of its proper functioning. Make having your weight scales cleaned and professionally calibrated a part of your regular preventive maintenance routine.  Contact us today to set a calibration schedule to keep you compliant and avoid costly fines.








Dock Equipment


Dock Levelers

Edge of Docks

Dock Seals & Shelters

Vehicle restraints

Loading dock accessories


Safety Barrier Products


Safety Gates

Column Guards

Rack Leg Protectors

Pedestrian Barriers

Traffic Barriers

Safety Signs


Wall Guards